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Lexical analyzer ppt presentation

Lexical analyzer ppt presentation

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Lexical Analysis. Outline. Role of lexical analyzer; Specification of tokens; Recognition of tokens; Lexical analyzer generator; Finite automata; Design of lexical. 9 Aug Phases of A Compiler Compiler Design Lexical Analyzer Semantic Analyzer Syntax Analyzer Intermediate Code Generator Code. 16 May Lexical Analysis in Compiler Design ->Advantages ->Roles ->Tokens I have Found a better PPT on on the same Topic The scanning/ lexical analysis phase of a compiler performs the task of reading.

Informal sketch of lexical analysis. Identifies tokens in input string. Issues in lexical analysis. Lookahead; Ambiguities. Specifying lexemes. Regular expressions. Lexical Analysis. Sentences consist of string of tokens (a syntactic category). for example number, identifier, keyword, string. Sequences of characters in a token. Create a program that counts the number of lines in a given input text file Roles of lexical analysis; What is a token; Regular expressions; Lexical analysis.

The role of the lexical analyzer; Specification of tokens; Finite state machines; From a regular expressions to an NFA; Convert NFA to DFA; Transforming. Lexical analyzer: reads input characters and produces a sequence of tokens as output (nexttoken()) Token: a group of characters having a collective meaning. CHAPTER 3 LEXICAL ANALYSIS Section 1 The role of the lexical analyzer. 2、 Interaction of lexical analyzer with parser. Lexical analyzer. Parser. Symbol table. Outline Lexical Analysis vs. Parsing Tokens, Patterns and Lexemes Attributes for Tokens Lexical Errors. Lexical Analysis. 2. Structure of a Compiler. Source Language. Target Language. Semantic Analyzer. Syntax Analyzer. Lexical Analyzer. Front. End.

Lexical Analysis (Scanning). Saumya Debray. The University of Arizona. Tucson. 2. Overview. Main task: to read input characters and group them into “tokens. Chapter 3: Lexical Analysis. Aggelos Kiayias. Computer Science & Engineering Department. The University of Connecticut. Fairfield Road, Box U PLLab, NTHU,Cs Programming Languages. 5. Lex – Lexical Analyzer. Lexical analyzers tokenize input streams; Tokens are the terminals of a language . Transform a stream of symbols; Into a stream of tokens. 4. CSE Compilers. Lexical Analyzer Responsibilities. Lexical analyzer [Scanner]. Scan input.